Our Approach

Our approach to the design and implementation of our community programs is built entirely around meaningful relationship. Our program locations are chosen organically out of relationship, and activities are based on community assets and needs assessments which are conducted alongside local stakeholders.

This means that we work through local engagement to help a community decide, for themselves, what they would like our help with.

We focus our efforts on strengthening at-risk individuals and families within marginalised communities to create self-generating and sustaining enviroments in which individuals can develop and thrive.

This in turn serves to break the cycles of disadvantages and leads to a more equal South Africa.

Theory of change

The coordination and development of our programs is executed through a focused pathway of change. Our programs are designed to facilitate opportunities for our participants to grow in these 4 areas of identity, empowerment, influence and leadership.


Our programs are designed to help shape a hopeful outlook on life and a positive image of oneself, others and God.


With the positive change of perspective and shift in mindset, we encourage individuals to make better, everyday life decisions.


When people make better life choices, we believe that they are able to impact and motivate others to do the same. This creates a ripple effect that will influence and impact their community.


Leadership development aims to help individuals rise to a level of expertise in their fields so that they can exercise leadership in that sphere on a provincial, national or international level.

Building lives that will build the nation.