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Intake 2020


Thank you for your application to the Innovation Hub Africa program. We believe in your potential and want to see you thrive in your pursuit of a digital career. To make sure the Innovation Hub is the right fit for you we just have a few more questions to ask. The purpose of this questionnaire is to get to know you better in order to assist our selection process. Once completed we will contact you if you have been selected for the next round of 1 on 1 interviews.
Innovation Hub Africa provides access to opportunities that will unlock the potential of the next generation, ultimately connecting them to the local and global digital economy. Our programs are developed to equip innovators with digital skills through world-class training material in a safe, conducive and encouraging learning environment to see them become people of influence for the future of their community.

Training happens at Philippi Village from Monday to Friday 09:00-12:00 followed by self-directed learning time after the facilitated classes. Our training streams include Leadership & Identity, Digital Literacy & Soft Skills for Business.
You can choose multiple options.
Number of Hours: 0
Estimate average hours per week.

1. Can't Use Computers.
2. I'm quite terrible at it
3. Hesitant to use a Computer
4. Confident using a Computer
5. I'm an expert

1. Basic Knowledge
2. Conversant
3. Proficient
4. Fluent
5. Native Language/Bilingual


You have now completed this step of the application process!
Please note this application & acceptance to Innovation Hub Africa is subject to the outlined selection criteria & sole discretion of the leadership team. The completion of this form does not guarantee entry into the Innovation Hub Program.