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Restorative Justice

There is no shortcut for discipleship.

Restorative Justice is the best tool Hope Prison Ministry has found to break the cycle of crime and incarceration. This journey is intensive and confrontational as prisoners listen to victims talk about their pain.

Restorative Justice is a holistic discipleship vision for walking with our students from incarceration into their new lives. Restorative Justice is the gateway that will restore prisoners with their families. Healing and restoration of relationships must come first before work, job creation, and skills development.

The course begins by challenging the inmates to take responsibility for what they have done, but we give them practical strategies to heal the relationships that have been broken by their actions. The culmination of the program is our Family Reconciliation Day which happens on the Saturday after the first intensive week has finished. We spend significant time and money bringing the inmates family members to the prison from all over the Western Cape. Sometimes we have to locate family members in other provinces and fly them in from other parts of the country. Sometimes for the first time, the family members are given a public forum, and it is humbling to watch the healing tears.

Hope Prison Ministry needs your help and support.

We can help support the Restorative Justice processes by giving financially. Restorative Justice facilitates a starting point for healing for victims, offenders, and the community.

The biggest financial needs in each Restorative Justice process are:
● Transportation costs for families on family day
● Petrol for the ministry vehicles to transport facilitators to and from the prisons
● Catering / each day’s lunch for the classroom during the week and for the families on the Saturday
● Printed course materials and certificates
● Airtime to call families
● Materials for the lessons (props, equipment)
● Tea / coffee for breaks and follow up sessions

The goal is to raise R60,000.

Each Restorative Justice costs at least R12,000.

Each course serves about 24 guys.

R60,000 would allow Hope Prison Ministry to achieve their minimum goal of delivering five Restorative Justice courses per year across South Africa. Although, the hope is to present 15 courses per year.

Men, let’s make a difference!

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