Help make a difference

We can’t do everything, but each one of us can do something to make a difference in the life of someone else.

Help make a difference

We can’t do everything, but each one of us can do something to make a difference in the life of someone else.

iHub Africa

iHub Africa provides access to opportunities that will unlock the potential of the next generation, ultimately connecting them to the local and global digital economy.

Are you interested in getting involved with the iHub Africa?

Welcome to our life courses portal. We are excited to help you grow and become all you were made to be! Our courses are hosted by an experienced and passionate facilitator in a live group environment, either in person or on Zoom.


Our work aims to build a thriving nation through equipping people to care for others, often in destitute circumstances, in communities across South Africa.

Our diverse portfolio of programs enable people from all walks of life to engage in uplifting others.



The power of education is the catalyst of change and progress in this nation. Our programs champion students by placing value on their individual development, encouraging and equipping young people to make a positive change in their community.

Economic Strength

We journey with people towards economic strength by offering entrepreneurship and employability opportunities in which people, especially the next generation, are connected to the local and global economy.

Sports & Recreation

Our sports and recreational programs are designed to draw the potential out of young people in a safe space. With the help of our dedicated team, we promote the value of discipline, respect, and teamwork in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Health & Wellness

We facilitate access to programs and opportunities that promote health, personal hygiene, mobility, and overall well-being of individuals. Our health and wellness programs are committed to placing value on people in a safe, loving environment.


We have strategically positioned ourselves to serve the vibrant communities across South Africa.

Learn more about the various locations our programs operate in.






Our strength and progress lies in the many individuals who selflessly contribute their time, resources and hearts into building the lives of others. Our varied programs enable people from all walks of life to get involved in uplifting those in need.

Making a difference is only one step away!


We’re encouraged every day by the stories we hear from the people we get to serve as well as the volunteers who give their time to build lives.

Bradwin is 17 years old and has been part of the Sports initiative since April 2018. He is passionate about soccer and this passion on and off the field has led him to become our first young leader for this initiative!


Sports for Development, Mitchells Plain

This is Taleah! She is one of our incredible Shine facilitators and part of our Shine Girl courses we do in different local schools. Shine encourages every facilitator to go beyond their normal leadership skills and it stretches you to think about others.

Shine Volunteer, Century City

Junist and Stephy decided to use their holiday time to visit South Africa and volunteer with Hillsong Africa Foundation. They spent time helping with all the different programs while here and thoroughly enjoyed making an impact.

Junist & Stephy

International Volunteers, France

Meet Mike. He successfully completed our Accelerate training course in Gugulethu with 100% score!!! Mike has dreams of being an entrepreneur and we are so glad we could help him along the way.


Accelerate Centre, Gugulethu


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